Centro de Acolhimento do Burro – The Donkey Sanctuary


While in my grand father’s birthplace (Pena Branca) we had a chance to peek at the donkeys and while doing so I’ve discovered they now have a sanctuary for end-of-life, diseased, mistreated and/or otherwise not cared for donkeys.

We didn’t enter because at the time I was unaware we could do so. Once home I’ve done a bit of research on the matter and yes we can visit the sanctuary, and we can even volunteer there! How cool is that :)

It isn’t a government project so they accept donations as well. Their website can be visited here: Centro de Acolhimento do Burro

(the picture above is theirs)



yeah, I finally went back for 3 days! I looked like a child on Christmas eve (or morning, for those of you in the US), happy happy little me.. :)

The people, family, the weather, the views, the peace. Really, it’s my little piece of heaven.

Sadly I could only stay for 3 days, but I had the chance to relax, eat good (awesome) food, recharge batteries and learn a bit more information for my family tree project.

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